Prerna Bhaskar-Jebens Portfolio - Design Workbook

Prerna Bhaskar Portfolio - Design Workbook

02 MARCH 2011

Chota Haathi for Finders Keepers is on its way. Chota Haathi is a design endeavour that I’m looking forward to launching/introducing into the community soon. I have shown a sneak peak below, would love to know what everyone thinks about it!

Working on a new logo, brand identity, brochure, and a marketing communications strategy. Just flipped through the pages of C+A issue 13 designed by Garry Emery. Exquisite imagery and layout. Same goes for Rant, also by Garry Emery.

*Also on a personal note, I'm having a little girl in about 10 weeks from today! Changing times!

31 JANUARY 2011

Wishing everyone a very Happy New 2011! I have been busy at Brains Design working for various corporate clients after 'The Parent's Guide to Pre-School'. Also recently finished a project with Woodhead, an architectural design agency I used to work for back in 2007 and loved the challenge. Will upload all the work as soon as I'm finished nulling it to a few memorable ones.

14 JUNE 2010

Have started a project with Brains Design, on a book called 'The Parent's Guide to Pre-School', which hopefully will be in publication soon. Vivid Sydney is currently on, a visual delight especailly from the bus, after work, crossing the bridge.

19 MAY 2010

Visited the Cockatoo Island over the weekend for the 17th Biennale of Sydney. Jonathan Barnbrook type installations were inspiring but the way-finding via the catalogue was ambigious and unfinished. Currently working on a few projects for the Centennial Parklands and Corporate Identity for a Non Profit Organisation.

09 MAY 2010

Finished the catalogue design concepts for Showcase Jewellers with Splash Group, 2 weeks ago! Currently working on a few design concepts for developing the Corporate Identity for an art gallery.

Chota Haathi

March 2011
All type, colour, love and life
Stationary, blank cards, cushion covers, tea towels, artwork, decals and delicate sweet things


Chota Haathi is a personal design endeavour, which pays respect to typography and design in all its realm. It aims to create visual medley of joy, intrigue and conceptual style that will encourage its audience to include Chota Haathi in their everyday lives.


Projects with Brains Design

February 2011
Corporate: Microsoft, Telstra, Fujitsu
Logo design, DM, brochures, publications and reports
parentsguide FSC2 FSC4 showcase4

Microsoft Learning Suite

Microsoft Learning Suite is a set of free software which is included with Education PCs. This product required its own branding under the Microsoft umbrella. Working alongside copywriters, I was responsible for the strategic design and development of various logo design concepts and advertising ideas.

parentsguide parentsguide2 parentsguide parentsguide2 parentsguide parentsguide2

Parent's Guide to Preschool

August 2010
Publication for parents
Book layout and jacket design

While working at Brains Design I designed the Parent's Guide to Preschool authored by Dof Dickinson, Creative Director at Brains and Cheryl Turi, a Kindergarten Teacher. The playful, yet informative, design of the book has earned accolades from various parents and teachers. This book informs parents about various activities they can create and get involved in with their children who are about to start Pre-school.

calling card1 calling card2

For Splash Group

25 April 2010
Design Agency - home of SheMarketing
Concepts for Catalogues & POS (Posters, Price-Tags) Design for Showcase Jewellers
showcase2 showcase1
15 April 2010

Eco 360

Non Profit Organisation
Logo Design & Corporate Identity
eco360_logo eco360_CI
8 April 2010

The Wooden Pencil

Contemporary Art Gallery
Logo Design, Corporate Identity and Signage
twp1 twop2
22 March 2010

High Echo 82

Sound Hardware & Software Suppliers
Logo Design & Corporate Identity
highecho821 highecho823
11 March 2010

Dotted Trees Landscaping

A Landscaping Design Firm
Logo Design & Corporate Identity
dottedtrees1 dottedtrees2
dottedtrees3 dotted_trees4

Dept. of Education & Training

NSW Department of Education & Training
Publication Design for Corporate Communication
DET_9 DET_10


Applied Graphics for Interiors & Architecture
New artwork & Corporate Collateral
blueandbrown4 blueandbrown2
blueandbrown1 blueandbrown3


Architectural design firm
Marketing, Communication and Brand Design & Development
woodhead woodhead2
woodhead4 woodhead5

Foxtel Design

Motion & print design at Foxtel Design
Print design & production for various Foxtel Channels
foxtel1 foxtel2
foxtel_3 foxtel_4

07 and basic lines

Freelance project for an exhibition at University of Sydney
Flyer, brochure & invite design
seymour basic

Mirvac Group

Integrated real estate group
Newsletter design


An online Scandinavian design store
Descr 2


Branding for Prerna's previous portfolio
CD jacket, inlay design & print


Fashion boutique for accessories & gifts
Logo Design & Corporate Identity

Macquarie Group

An architecural Firm
Corporate brochure & identity development

The Buck Stops Here

A contemporary restaurant with an ode to typography
Logo, menu & environmental signagge design

Ford Foundation

A non profit organisation
Promotional Posters & CI for an art festival hosted by Ford Foundation

Cherry Arte

A scrapbooking and papercrafts studios & online shop
Series of illustrations based on themes


All the prints for these designs are available from There are some more of these series coming out soon. So keep a lookout!

Levis Strauss & Co.

American Jeans and Casual Wear manufacturer
Promotional environment posters & flyers

126900 - The Mountain Climbers

A mountaineering group
Logo, promotional posters, Environment Signage & gift bags

A to Z 'ed' of Type

Personal type, image & illustration experiments
Personal experiments


A photography studio
Logo & Corporate Identity

Master Artisan

Online portal for artisans
Logo and Corporate Identity

Table 8

A restaurant & lounge
Logo & Corporate Identity


Online portal for vehicle security
Logo & Corporate Identity

Wills Lifestyle

Chain of exclusive retail / fashion stores in India, part of ITC
Signage & Corporate Styleguide

The design of Wills Lifestyle was commenced and concluded under the supervision of Roma Sinai at Whisper Design - now known as glue design - a product design firm in New Delhi, India.
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What is flickring

What is flickering

Few idea shots, few work and few Respect shots.

Whats lost and fffound

What is lost & fffound

A fabulous resource of imaginative, creative, humorous and witty design and photography. Curious design finds a home or at least sublets this space, all in one !

Quick CV

Quick cv


Trip to Europe, a design ebullient for 8 weeks. Please review the images inspiring moments and tit-bits of the trip here.

MAY '2009 - AUGUST '2009

Branding and Corporate Identity Projects for Dotted Trees Landscaping, Eco Ego, a Non Government Organisation in India and logo designs for Chota Haathi and Matki, sustainable and recycled product brands.

APRIL '2008 - APRIL '2009

Senior Designer at the Department of Education and Training (DET) in NSW. Responsibile for the design and development of the department’s flagship publications, 'Time To Start School', 'A Special Place' and 'Time To Start Year 7' in 2008 and 2009. Also art directed the new images for 2009 publication.
Finished designing the corporate identity for The Wooden Pencil and Zuropa.
Worked on the 8th Edition of Francisco Mantecon Competition.

MARCH '2008

Finished Seasons II series for cherryArte.


Freelance creative at blueandbrown, now bleux and loved the experience!
Finished Seasons II series artwork for cherryArte.

FEBRUARY '2007 - OCTOBER '2007

Senior Creative within the marketing and communications team at Woodhead, a well established architectural design firm. Main responsibilities included, developing the style-guide, incorporating the style-guide into all the corporate collateral and designing and developing new elements as one off concepts to further the brand and establish it as the leading architecture agency.

June '2006 - January '2007

Freelance creative at Foxtel Design for various Foxtel channels; Fox Classics, Fox Footy and Fox Movies designing various elements and maintaining Foxtel as the key brand and substantiating the sub-brands to be their own entity.

June '2005 - June '2006

Senior Creative at vivachi international (which is now known as Voko World Branding) responsible for the design of a new Scandinavian brand called vivachistyle, which houses designer Scandinavian products from brands like; Stelton, Rosendahl, Bodanova, etc. Also freelanced for, Neon Creative, cherryArte, Topia Project, Holy Cow, Studio Woo.

JUNE '2003 - JUNE '2005

Completed Masters of Design Science (Hons.) at University of Sydney.
Freelance creative and design of corporate identities for Seasons, Beegees and Fisheye photography studio.

JUNE '2002 - MAY '2003

Art Director at Hughes Software Systems (now known as Aricent), a leading communication software service provider, creating concepts for their exhibitions, events and maintaining a consistent brand for the internal stakeholders through posters, news-letters and brochures.

JUNE '2001 - MAY '2002

Junior designer at Whisper Design, (now known as gluedesign) a product, exhibition and graphic design agency in New Delhi, India.

JANUARY '2001 - MAY '2001

Worked as an apprentice architect for Habitat Sustainable, working mainly on designing aspects of an architectural project and maintaining a consistent workflow on site.

Design Communities & blogs

Quick cv

Useful resources & information

The blogmania for the past 365 days has taken the design community, and all those who care to communicate by a storm. A good storm for a change, there is a lot more exchange of ideas, constructive critiquing and sometimes a barrage of information from all sides. I for one freshly welcome this flood of information, some bits to take in and some to put out there for everyone to view and perhaps utilise.

For example the visual Ping Pong started between the London and Berlin designers, an exact opportunity, to reverse the the large geographical gaps. To know the process, today, and tomorrow, is a lot easier now that wehave constant upfates coming through to us on our intelligent devices! A quick update, and a quick 'tweet', I must appaluse the philanthropy of sharing information and concepts was never better!

Design is Kinky
Australian in Front
Smashing magazine
designer's couch


Quick cv

Finding & respecting type

Respecting type in any form, well mostly, not going to really respect Comic Sans, has become a sort of routine in the life if a designer. In the words of Emil Ruder "Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing. No argument or consideration can absolve typography from this duty." Quite a massive responsibility, if I might say so! In retrospect, here are a few links not absolving typgraphy from its duty. More links also coming up soon.

ITC Fonts

Respect for Communication

Quick cv

Highly recommended work

Also commendable is the book by Oven Jones 'The Grammer of Ornamentation' where the history of ornamentation has been detailed out and the exclusive bit'- The whole book is scanned for viewer's ease. I would probably congratulate technology on this aspect.

The blog 'print and pattern' is an inspiring tribute to anyone who loves form, colour and composition.

Jens Jebens
Jessica Hische
Sushiandrobots by Jina Bolton
Strange Fruits
Frost Design
Baseline Magazine
Design Chapel

Thank you

Quick cv

My personal regards

Jens Jebens

All my family members including my 5 years old cousin Devika and my friends have been extremely encouraging in making the Prerna that Im today.

Thank you and I Love you!

Official things

Quick cv

Necessary evil

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